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Hello! I'm Amanda, owner and maker of Flame Comfort in Burnaby, British Columbia.  I started Flame Comfort to get back into the work field without having to leave my girls. I love being a full-time mom and making candles allows me to do that and starting this small business is something I really enjoy. More than ever, we are all trying to keep our homes clear of toxic chemicals. My search for a family friendly candle that won't give migraines or release fumes into my children air was so important. That is why we are so conscious of what we put into our candles (or don't put in them), a clean product that is safe for all in the home. 



Our candles are hand-poured, made by 100% pure soy wax. What does that mean? We make a clean burning candle, from a renewable and eco-friendly source. There are no additives or harmful chemicals added. To top that off, any spills can be cleaned up with warm water.

Wood wicks burn longer than cotton wicks, which means you get the most out of your candle. 

Our fragrance oils are Paraben and Phthalate Free!


Not only will you have an amazing experience with our candles' wonderful scents and that familiar sight of a flickering flame, but also with our wooden wicks, you get the experience of sound as well. The gentle crackle of the wood wick will bring you that extra comfort of a mini campfire in your own home. 

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