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This is your Extra Services Page. we like to accommodate orders big and small. If you would like to use any of theses service tell us your order through our contact form at the bottom. list your quantity, scent, and vessel preference in the message box.


When choosing Flame Comfort, you can be confident that you're selecting a product, made in small batches to ensure quality. We also do our best to support other small, local businesses in our own production

We love business collaborations!


Bulk Orders

From party favours to Thank You gifts for any occasion, we will make it for you. Looking for wedding favours to mark your wedding day? We want to help make your special day memorable!



We understand the joy of getting something just like you want it. If you want to buy one of our regular candles tins or cement vessel with a few tweaks let us know. With certain products we can accommodate colour, labeling, glass or cement vessels and scent.


Miss our seasonal scents?

Depending on what we have in stock we can specially make the candle scent you missed.


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Burnaby, BC

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